Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oak Furniture in recent times has become incredibly popular. In the 1990's and earlier this century the most popular wood used for bedroom furniture and dining room furniture was Pine.

Pine furniture was and still is a very favourable wood to use when making furniture, however in these ever demanding times, the modern consumer has turned their aspirations towards the more durable and beautiful oak to furnish their home.

Oak furniture has the enviable qualities of not only being durable, long lasting and beautiful but it has also become a more accessible and affordable wood to use when manufacturing furniture.

Today, oak furniture is rarely manufactured in the UK. Instead, oak furniture is skilfully manufactured in the far east, in particular in China and Vietnam. UK's designers are shipping oak from the USA and Europe to China.

Here a highly skilled and cheap labour force are manufacturing superb pieces of both oak bedroom furniture and oak dining room furniture to a superb standard. The oak furniture is then shipped back to the UK by sea to take its place in many of our homes in the UK.

The Managing Director from Furniture Plus Online in a recent interview recently stated;

"The standard on a whole is extremely good, however there are certain designers who cut corners when designing and manufacturing oak furniture. In order to make sure you purchase the best piece of oak furniture available, I would suggest oak furniture which not only has a solid oak frame but also oak sides, tops and backs."

"Another important factor to consider is the drawers of any cabinets. Try if possible to find Oak Furniture with drawers which have dovetailed joints and tongue and groove drawer bases."

So there you have it, oak furniture has now become a reality.

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